[Online Glints ExpertClass] Learning and Development: Changing L&D Strategy: Necessary or Necessity?

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Tanggal & Waktu 28 February 2021 13:00 - 18:30
Lokasi Jakarta, Jakarta Pusat
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McKinsey research estimates that as many as 800 million jobs could be displaced by automation by 2030. As the fact being stated, employees are expected to continuously grow to stay employable. This leads to the needs for company L&D to keep pace with constant technological advances, and come up with innovation to prepare their talents to survive. The big goal now is shifting from individual productivity to providing a space for sustainable personal growth and development, so top talents are emerging and can be retained to contribute more to business performance. Modern L&D teams are clearly facing different needs & challenges, and require broad and complex knowledge & skills to adapt.


What you'll learn in this workshop: (3 sessions)

1st Session: Understanding L&D in Digital Era

  • What is L&D and How it can drive business

  • Learning function strategic role & its connection to other function

  • The shifting from traditional L&D to digital L&D

  • Collaboration as the key enabler of L&D strategy

  • Real Case Study and QnA

2nd Session: Enabling Business-Driven L&D Strategy

  • Strategic L&D framework: From Business Strategy to Development Programs

  • Training need analysis 101

  • Designing learning journeys & programs (e.g. 70:20:10 framework, blended learning, etc)

  • Measuring the impact to individual & business performance

  • Real Case Study in current issue and how does Indosat Ooredoo implement this strategy for their employees

3rd Session: Building Learning Culture in Company

  • Result Integration with performance management & other HR process

  • How to provide learning environment

  • Learning technology implementation


This class suits for: (Intermediate to Advance level)

Mid-level Learning & Development professionals, including:

  • HR managers

  • People development managersLearning & development specialist

  • People & culture development specialist

  • Digital learning Specialist

  • People strategist

  • Talent management Executive

  • Learning and Development Enthusiast

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